Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paul McCartney

Do you know what is the beatles?

The beatles were an a band from Liverpool in 1960.

The Beatles has their own characteristic in every songs they've made, and or their concerts. It consists of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Star.

Beatles' songs sounds different with other band. Beatles also has their own gravity to make the fans fall in love with their performance. Well, in this post, I want to describe Paul McCartney, vocalist and bassist of The Beatles. Here I go!

1970's - now

Sir James Paul McCartney, he's 67 years old now. I think he is handsome, eventhough he's not as young as 30 years ago. I like his beautiful hazel eyes! It's wonderful haha. I'm not sure what is his hair colours? But it seems like dark brown. Paul McCartney is a left handed! He plays all instruments with left hand. It is cool, isnt it? Some sources said that he can also play guitar, piano, drums, keyboards, ukulele, mandolin. I found a photo of Paul McCartney and He looks like Jim Sturgess!

(up,down: Paul McCartney, Jim Sturgess)

As we can see, Paul is a good actor too. Well, he always act naturally in the beatles' video clip for example: The fool on the hill. You have to watch it if you havent see it! It's so awesome.

Oh yeah, McCartney was known as a supporter of Everton Football club and He was so interested in animated films as a child. He really enjoys the time when he watchs that films. His favourite song in the beatles' albums is Yesterday. Paul cried when he sang Yesterday! Paul's voice sounds better that John's I think haha. Besides that, He is a good songwriter too.

Ok, I think It's enough. Here is a bonus thing that I want to share.

Enjoy! Long live, sir!

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Saide G. said...

Paul is Great! He's my favorite Beatle and he's beautiful.