Saturday, March 26, 2011

New season, new battle.

Wow! It's been a while since my last update. Been busy during the whole year. The Cambridge International Examination can not be denied. In this spare time I would like to post something which are not some school's things. ;-)

The new battle has been set in MotoGP and Formula1.
Sports lovers have been waiting for this new battle since the 2010 season has ended up.
I am a fan of those sports. So it's kinda hard to choose which one will I watch if racing on the same time happens.
From all the drivers and the bikers, I have idols! Yeah, it always occurs, right? Supporting teams you like is one of many thing I love.

I've been supporting for Valentino Rossi since I was a lil kid, 10 years old-or any younger than this. So now when Valentino Rossi joins MotoGP with his new team, Ducati, I think if the Ducati changed their team colour. Rossi looks weird wearing red colour. Rossi looked good the greenish-yellow. ;-)

And for FormulaOne, I've been interested in F1 since my dad told me that Michael Schumacher is the best driver in the whole world at that time. I'm in Ferrari team until Schumi decided to quit from the race.
I began to glance Jenson Button in Brown GP and voila! He won the 2009 World Championship. Button joined Mclaren and now being teammate with Lewis so that why I'm supporting MTC now :-)

For the opening race, the qualifying result as not bad as I thought at first knowing that Jenson said the car is not ready to compete in Melbourne (it's the first race of the year by the way). The guys, Lewis and Jenson, will start on the 2nd and 4th position tomorrow (Sun, March 27th).
The MTC keeps improving the MP4-26 to be an unbeatable car this season. I really do appreciate the teams' efforts.

Happy watching, happy racing!

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