Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random Thoughts

         I sometimes ask myself, what Dream is. When I was asked what my dream was, I often answered proudly, “My dream is going to be a doctor”. A couple months ago I have thoughts to give another try on university entrance in order to ‘catch the old dream’, to be a doctor. I even asked my friends what if I joined the tests. They said it’s up to me. My parents actually were still curious at that time why I couldn’t be accepted in med schools so they said, “Why not?” But things happened and I had to rethink it myself.

         I remembered that time, the last day of the university entrance registration; I made the pros and cons if I took the tests. And the result was… Yes, I stayed. I gave it up. I chatted to a best friend of mine, one of my high school room mates, Agis. Thanks to her that I’m now not regretting any decisions I’ve made. A strong reason why I chose to stay was I want to earn my very own money as soon as possible. It was cliché, I know… But I thought some other reasons were better left unsaid, right? ;)
          Having watched British GP two weeks ago made me realized that life is like an F1 GP. Those who started on the front does not always win the race. Racing is more dashing when racers overtake the cars ahead. I don’t want to be someone who leads some laps but ends stupidly on the gravel or parks his car in the middle of the fast track because of problems that might occur during the race. I want to be someone who keeps fighting and endures the problems until the chequered flag is waved in the air.
          Now that I have started my new life in semi-remote area (sorry, Jatinangor but it’s because you really are far from everywhere) and had some awesome close friends who always be fun and cool, so that I want to keep moving and continue studying. I want to finish my study happily and brilliantly haha! Does it make sense to you?
          Anyway, congratulations to those who passed the university entrance! There are many things to come so let’s be more prepared! And for those who are still struggling, I wish you a very good luck and keep the faith!

So, I guess this is the end of today’s post. Marhaban yaa Ramadhan! Happy fasting and happy holiday!

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